Swachh City Helps Build Hassle-Free Green Communities

SwachhCity.org introduces a green environment model that can be implemented and embraced by different communities in cities and towns across India. Our green environment model helps transform food scraps into organic compost that communities can use for its own need or sell to us. Instead of food scraps being dumped in landfills which results in generation of methane and other greenhouse gases, our model results in creation of organic compost for reuse.


  • Hassle free
  • affordable
  • worry free service
  • organic
  • no electricity cost
  • no chemical used
  • sell the compost to us
  • use the compost in your grounds


The green initiative starts with our new partner (community) implementing a process to collect food scraps and placing the collected food scraps in a designated area or container. Our professional team works with the community to help implement the process of collecting food scraps, specific to community setup and infrastructure. Nothing more to do for the community. We do the rest.


According to industry study, nearly 40% of solid waste that is dumped in landfills may be composted! We provide the composters and our composters use cutting edge technology (without any chemicals or electricity) and techniques to compost everything from meat and dairy products to grains and oily foods, soiled napkins, and much more. The best part is that the community does not have to worry about operating the composter. Our team will take care of everything after the community gives us the separated food scraps.


You can never use too much compost in your garden – it provides a slow release of macro- and micro-nutrients that won’t burn or damage your plants. It provides a strong and fertile foundation for plants to flourish. The compost material is taken out periodically at regular interval from our composter. The community can decide to use the compost for its use OR sell it to us.

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Transform food waste into organic compost without electricity or chemicals.